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Tommy Reeve

Shoes Lyrics Tommy Reeve


Tommy Reeve - Shoes Songtext

I got a soldiers heart
and I tore it all apart
noone got me out of light
Walking on water stealing his daughter
I took it all in my stride
Your mama told you take good care
Dont judge me by the shoes I wear
I've been around a lot
It's been the right spot
But I found you here.

So please turn around again.
Dont worry by the state of my shoes
Cause they've been worn out
trying to find you
Now I've done some living
And my past needs forgiving
Cause I've been searching for you.
Dont worry about my shoes.

I'm not proud of what I've done
Playing tricks on everyone
I took a journey to the other side.
Forget about my past.
Is it too much to ask
if my footprints I can hide?


I stand before you.
You look me up and down
Confused about the man you have found
so dont loose me now
oh baby, baby
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