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Tommy Reeve

Dance Lyrics Tommy Reeve


Tommy Reeve - Dance Songtext

I see you dance
I see you dance
3-2-1 Let's go

Let me take your clothes off
Cause you know it turns me on
And be right back to you
Got turn up the song
Now I want you to be the woman
Let me be your man
You'll better keep this fire burning
With everything we can

I dont need no rubber cause
I wanna be your lover tonight
69 decisions baby
And you're gonna make me feel right
Let me see you dance, dance, oh yeah
Just see you dance, dance over me
Wanna see you dance, dance oh yeah
Just see you dance, dance, dance, dance,dance

I see you dance

Come on honey bring the bride
Just got to get on the groove
You're so good there's nothing back
And it's you I wanna do
Dont look for you to reason
For you to lay me down
Something like these
Never out of season
So lets stop to full around


I see you dance (3x)
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