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Tommy Reeve

Carry You In My Heart Lyrics Tommy Reeve


Tommy Reeve - Carry You In My Heart Songtext

I've tried not to think about
But I felt it for a while
that your heart beats not for me
and the thing we once called love
wont find it's way back home.
Cause you just took the key.
My fear defeeded me
and I didnt want to see
that you choose your way without me.

Carry you in my heart
Carry you in my soul
Carry you in the empty streets
that I walk all alone
Carry you in my hope
Carry you in my fear
and even in my dreams.

I've try to be resist
against all of this talking
of other people's truth
nothing more than a few lines.
that you just left behind
and I rather couldnt see you.
And it's all because of you
That there's nothing to remain
Cause youu took the suitcase
And I turn the pain


Is this gonna be the end?
When two lovers get until the end
And that'I'l never get to understand
Is this how we say goodbye
and the last time I hear you on the line

But forever ever you'll be in my heart.
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