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What You Did Lyrics The Watchmen


The Watchmen - What You Did Songtext

Can't seem to find myself some space
Everywhere I look leads me to an altered state
Thought it was you, thought it was you
Now I'm drifting slowly as I fade

And when I find out what you did
You're gonna wish you'd never laid your eyes on them

'Cause I hear the pounding sounds today
A thousand war drums beating out your name

Used to take some comfort in the song
Until those monsters in their suits came along
What does that mean? What does that mean?
It means I'm gonna go and get a gun to blow away this scene

Then my friend he up and left
Said the music's dead and I've just got nothing left
And I need to hang with him today
Without a word he'll know just what to say

I'm not faking on the feeling, I'm just lying on the reason
'Cause when I laugh and stretch out, I'm not losing you, I'm just losing myself
Not losing you, I'm just losing...
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