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Tumbleweed Lyrics The Watchmen


The Watchmen - Tumbleweed Songtext

The house is silent, I can't hear a sound
Only hearing my hair grow and hit the ground
They've all grown, or they just packed up and left
Left me with these years, unfortunate

Like on my tv, I will find the words that bring you back around
But this scene is full of twisted irony
Considering my tv has no sound

I can't take this shit lying down, no I won't
Kick all in my way to the ground
And fill this house again with the sounds = chorus
Voices singing, laughter ringing, and you

Look in my yard, dog's not there
Gone like all the rest of them without a care
Just a well that everyone sucks dry
Dry up as the tumbleweeds are rolling by

I can finally speak the kind of words that lift you from the ground
I can still smell your sweetness in the air
And I'm dying slow from you not being around


Who's (?), it's empty, who can I phone
And I can't sleep just yet here by my own
And what about you, guess I'll watch one more show

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