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The Watchmen

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The Watchmen - Incarnate Songtext

In the air, the tension lingers
Evident in pointing fingers
From the rad, the steam it rises
In this tomb of no suprises

Never knowing what they mean
Not quite in tune with their schemes
Suspect me of an empty shell?
Man, I guess it's just as well

Wanna become you, hey, sweet perfection,
Enchanted youth, I'll lose the weight = chorus
Of all my worries, I'll feel the truth, I'll seek
The source, plant the seed and let it run its course
(of course)

Paranoia's just like ants
And conversation makes them dance
'Round our feet like hungry friends
So watch your step and just pretend

All that glitters is really gold
And we love all, we are sold!
And if there's any pain inside
Paint on a smile, man, and let it slide


I move through the whispers, out across the haze
Like a mouse searching wild in a maze = bridge
And I see you, from across the room, I see you

Early morning light it grows
Casting down on pure white snow
Silently, we walk back home,
Like buffalo, our minds they roam

Minds they roam...
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