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Droppin' Like Flies Lyrics The Real McKenzies


The Real McKenzies - Droppin' Like Flies Songtext

i recall back in '79 I was just a wee kid livin' in a dive
didn't drink, didn't dance, didn't ever smoke hash
but it changed when I heard the clash
and you know I needed more so I got
up and out to the record store
i bought all the records I could afford
an' I played em all on my stereo

this is a song saluting punkrockers rise
and what they did to change the times
but with such a lifestyle they're burnin'
on both sides
now they're droppin' like flies
all those old punk rock guys

i became a fan & I remain that way
and to this day, i'm still blown away
those bands just cut me to the bone
like the damned, the pistols & the ramones
now we just wanna say
they made us what we are today
so now every time we play
we remember those of yesterday
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