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The Matches - Say 18 Songtext

She's got a lot of issues
Like a good magazine
The kind you'd find under my bed
If you know what I mean
'Cause Mother would trip if she saw
the way that girl wears her clothes
to the L3 shows

I got my fingers crossed
She'll say "18"
Lie through lip-gloss
and say "18"
Tonight you're the girl with the big date
And I've become the guy that I used to hate

She's never turned down
And she's never down twice
"Getting lucky" for her ain't luck
It's just naming a price
'cause Father, he bounced her around
And I got the rebound

Jacque, are you all right?
Does your face burn?
And do the black lights make your guts turn?
Jacque, are you all right?
Do your ears burn?
And do the black lights make your guts turn
Inside out? outside in
Between the dust and the stars
Say "18"
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