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The Lust I seek

Faces in the Mist Lyrics The Lust I seek


The Lust I seek - Faces in the Mist Songtext

Since the dawn of our loss
Death has consumed our hearts
And the cold, searing winds
Have ached and torn my broken soul
Figures of memories and joy shown before my eyes
As shadows cast by last sheds of light

As ancient as I
Memories are all that I have
And even they began to dim
Into this never ending silence
I see her ghost before my eyes
Her eyes like stars, her ivory skin
And the breath that died

Died before my eyes
Before my cries
I cannot rest
I cannot sleep
She took my sun
She took my tears
And gave me pain
Hate, disgust and fear

In my emptiness I hear her voice again
I see her face in the mist
I smell her scent in wind
I think that in my loneliness
I have dwelled far too long
To see such things, to hear such voices
And to see faces in the mist

In day I feel
Her passing presence
Are you here too?
Have you returned?
This dawn wasn't brighter
Than any of the past

I see the dawn, first one in centuries
Light swallows me whole
Pain is all I feel, but even that is a comfort
Slowly as I let myself go
Soon my sweetest we are together
Married in Death
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