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I Can't Stop The Love Lyrics The Kelly Family

Album Wow

The Kelly Family - I Can't Stop The Love Songtext

Heavens eye take a look at me
Cause the devil's got my eyes set on you
There was a time, I was feeling blind
but now I believe in love, and you're the reason why

I can't stop the love. I can't stop the love
You're giving me

I have kissed the honey lips
of the red roses in spring, flower baby
I can sing for the poor and the free
im have walked the streets, the streets of glory

I can't stop...

Honey girl, your happiness is my reward
I wanna be the soons you touch, the sugar you eat
Girl, you are my lollypop, you're my sensation,
your smile is my salvation

I can't stop...

I'm a man with a sailor's soul
but I'm gonna anker my heart in you forever
but you can sew our hearts together
and I will around you in the chains, the chains of flame

I can't stop...
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