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Queen of Hollywood Lyrics The Corrs


The Corrs - Queen of Hollywood Songtext

She drove a long way through the night
From a urban neighborhood
She left her mother in a fight
For a dream misunderstood
And her friends they talk on corners
They could never comprehend

But there was always something different
In the way she held a stare
And the pictures that she painted
Were of glamour and of flair
And her boyfriend though he loved her
Knew he couldn't quite fulfill
He could never meet her there

She's never gonna be like the one before
She read it in her stars that there's something more
No matter what it takes no matter how she breaks
She'll be the Queen of Hollywood

And the cynics they will wonder
What's the different with this dream
And the dreams of countless others
All beliving in TV
They see their hand prints in a sidewalk
Flashing cameras on the scene
And a shining limousine


She's beliving in a dream
It's a loaded fantasy

Now her mother collects cut - outs
And the pictures make her smile
But if she saw behind the curtains
It could only make her cry
She's got hand prints on her body
Sad moonbeams in her eyes
Not so innocent a child
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