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The Pick of Destiny Album

Break-In City (Storm the Gate) Lyrics Tenacious D


Tenacious D - Break-In City (Storm the Gate) Songtext

The mission is clear,
i'm going over there
I'm going to do the mission

I flip around the corner,
flat as a pancake
And then i- aww noo! A camera

Stay back here,
devise a plan
Dive into the bushes

Against all odds
storm the gates!
storm the gates!

Ninja style,
samuri (Storm the gates!)
Metal pole,
climb that shit (Storm the gates)
Climb into that mother-fucker
Now i'm climbin up,
up on the roof
I got cat-like reflexes

Against all odds
oh! storm the gates!

Two air-vents on the roof,
thats what the guy was talkin a- Shit!

Electric Eye
storm the gates!
storm the gates!
storm the gates!
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