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Regret Lyrics Ten Foot Pole

Album Unleashed

Ten Foot Pole - Regret Songtext

you heard It's no use trying to make sense it doesn't matter
There's no one worth the pain no reason left to stay
I try to turn it off where did the old me go?
How did I get so far away? I just don't know

Every act of kindness boils down to lust or greed
No one acts from altruism it all comes down to need
There's a monster inside my heart
He tries to tear my world apart
There's a demon inside my head
Tells me I'd be better off dead

I try to turn it off get back to positive
Don't want to drag you down to the street where I live
I try to turn it off get back to happy days
Pull this barrel from my mouth and look for better ways
Every act...

Everything you never tried
Every time you might have lied
Every flaw you tried to hide
Every drop you ever cried
Every time you've been denied
Every tear that ever dried
Everything builds up inside in waves of regret miles wide
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