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A.D.D. Lyrics Ten Foot Pole

Album Unleashed

Ten Foot Pole - A.D.D. Songtext

Mommy what does hyper mean?
Teacher says I'll never read
She says I need to take a pill
so I can learn to sit real still

the microwaves did something to our brains
we need to take these pills to help us change

Please let me take them I don't want to be an idiot
Ritalin will make me smart
at least that's what my teacher said
All the other kids take them, I think I am the only one
I need something to slow me down
I talk too much cuz I am dumb

Mommy what's a deficit?
I think it means that I can't sit
Disorder of attention
and I don't learn the lesson

Mommy please help me see the light
Don't you know my teacher's always right?
Joey's starting on week 4
he's not in trouble any more
Susie's ending up week 9
Now she's never out of line

Please let me take them I don't want to be an idiot
Now Mommy takes my Ritalin
there's not enough for me she said
All the other moms take them, I think it's not just mine
I don't know if she's smarter now but at least she's feeling fine
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