China in Your Hand Lyrics T'Pau

T'Pau - China in Your Hand Songtext

It was the theme she had
on a scheme he had
Told in a foreign land
To take life on earth
To the second birth
And the man was in command
It was a flight on the wings
Of a young girl's dreams
That flow too far away

Don't push too far
Your dreams are china in your hand
Don't wish too hard
Because they come true
And you can help them
You don't know what you might have
Set upon yourself

China in your hand

Come from greed
Never born of the seed
Took a life from a barren hand
Oh eyes wide like
A child in the form of man
A prophecy for a fantasy
The curse of a vivid mind

Don't push too far your dreams ...

And you shouldn't too hard no no

Don't push too far your dreams ...

'Cause they're only dreams
And you shouldn't push too hard no no
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