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Nothing More Lyrics Stormwitch


Stormwitch - Nothing More Songtext

The day destroyed the
Night of blessedness
And now I have to face the truth
Our world it was a mighty fortress
And traditions killed the dreams of youth
Now for sure we will climb
Beyond the walls of time
I will give you the water
That tastes sweet like wine

So after all is life illusion
When all is lost then hope is gone
I'm all alone I'm in confusion
I know now that all the others won
What will I find beyond
Beyond the walls of time
Soul to soul heart to heart
Together we will climb

She is gone
And for me there's only darkness
Here in the shadow of the death it is hard
To say the final word
I will only say then

Nothing more

Since long ago we shared this feeling
I think since our childhood days
What happened than wasn't our meaning
We sinned and so we felt from grace
Also fate was against us
We missed the perfect time
Now I've found the words
That make my poem rhyme

She is gone?

I don't care that we had only hours
It is worth the end that I have to face
I don't want to cry about
All the lost nights and lost days
We will live forever on
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