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Stone Temple Pilots - Still Remains Songtext

Our bed we live, our bed we sleep
making love and I become you
flesh is warm with naked feet
stabbing thorns and you become me...
oh, I'd beg for you, you know I'll beg for you.
she holds my hand we share a laugh,
sipping orange blossom breezes
love is still and sweat remains
a cherished gift unselfish feeling...
oh, I'd beg for you, you know I'll beg for you.
she tells me things, I listen well
drink the wine and save the water
skin is smooth, I steal a glance
dragon flies "er" gliding over...
oh, I'll beg for you - you know I'll beg for you
Pick a song and sing a yellow nectarine
take a bath, I'll drink the water that you leave
if you should die before me
ask if you could bring a friend
pick a flower, hold your breath
and drift away...
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