Sophie Hunger

Citylights Forever Lyrics Sophie Hunger


Sophie Hunger - Citylights Forever Songtext

In Berlin there is a project
Waiting holding
wearing apole and
tucked and disposed

And i wish there were two little dogs on the logs
So I could play with each other

The question comes to my head
Is should I watch Monty Python like the memory of the dead
Millions and trillions who have never had any time

When a dream comes up empty
When I move I'm taught
When a think of a girl in the world
And no she won't be enough

And the prophet next door
Said the stone in your hand is
Holding your hand
And I do understand
And I don't understand
I just wish I could
Stand in the middle
Of a mountain

City lights forever

And now if there is God
And if there is not
Still I find myself hoping and pleading a lot
And then seeing Madonna showing her spots
I take a bow to the women in veils

When a dream comes up empty
When I move I am taught
When I think of a boy in the world
And no, he won't be enough

Citylights, Citylights
Citylights forever

Ci Ci Ci Ci City lights
my City forever
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