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Unendlich (Albumversion) Übersetzung Silbermond


Silbermond - Unendlich (Albumversion) deutsche Übersetzung

My eyes search water in a desert
My feet carry the thirst already a long time
I have fallen and lay there
Stood up and wanted to win
Because I taste the sea is not far anymore

It is hard to find the trace in the sand
Because dust and storm steal my sight
But like warm summer's rain
You rain down on my life like a master of drops on hot stones

And we were endless
And the water layed down on our skin
Around us all was perishable
We keep this to ourselves and we carry the day with us to our graves

For the moment we held our breath
And together we dived to the ground
We let ourselves float with the stream of the tide
We stranded, we arrived

What would life be like without it
Everybody needs a piece of infinity
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