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Silbermond - Kartenhaus deutsche Übersetzung

I'm searching for what let me forget
That it's dark in my life
And that the night occupies the day
And leaves me no spark of light

I'm missing nothing but I'm missing a lot
I'm too weak to get up again
And too strong to rest on the ground

Now I've woken up
I'm holding the light in my hands
Couldn't imagine that the
Hand could turn up again

You made my life new
You infect me with your power
You make everything so livable
I won't react against this

You arranged a candle
You bring the light into my world
You make my life to a house of cards
Constructed on you

Like every word needs a voice
Like the moon plungs in the darkness
Like every truth its face
Equally I need you!

You are the wind and you carry me high
And I know that you can see me fly
But one word and you can constrain me to fall

I've woken up again
With the darkness in my hands
I have never thought this
That the hand would change again

You turned off my life
Without thinking about this
You were the sense and the livability
And now everything has no worth

You blow out my candle
Because you don't need it anymore
You make my life to a house of cards
And you pull out the lowest card
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