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The 2nd Album

New Life Lyrics Scream Silence

Album The 2nd

Scream Silence - New Life Songtext

on a picture wink his eyes
remembrance of him makes you cry
you hold on to a blade of gras
try to forget your loneliness

if you remain i'll dry your tears
i will kill the strength of fears
i will lift your to sky
break the blade and all the lies

i take your fear and take your cries
release your heart that slowly dies
grand you wish, that long for love
i take your fear and give you light
banish the shadows into the night
grand your wish - I want you
i'll be your new life

a wall of sadness holds me tight
the pure gloss fades into the mirror
storm releases the rain in my eyes
so savage and real
these are the words - written by you
but I know your face will always shine bright
your faint dies in my arms and I dry your tears
i think I try it and you try it too
look into my eyes - see my feelings for you
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