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Resounding Lyrics Say Anything

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Say Anything - Resounding Songtext

If I could take one thing back I would write the perfect song for you
You would have never left
And if the chords progress the way I mapped them out
They will wipe your tears away and all your doubts
Cause it's always been for you
Every mountain scaled for you
And every single day I'm falling down
I never want to say ‘You're mine, right now'
A tear rolls down your cheek and hits the ground
And I'm falling down
You sit alone inside your room and rust
You give your trust to those who don't deserve your trust
You put yourself through hell as you sweat pound for pound
But as the drama fades, tell me what will resound
It has always been for you
I sing every song for you
Could you stay forever and a day
Together come what may
If only I could say what I'm thinking baby
If only I could finally face the truth
I have always loved you
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