Perro Traidor (english translation) Lyrics Saratoga

Saratoga - Perro Traidor (english translation) Songtext


I don't wanna do more songs
About peace and love, there's no reason
I am unable to deceive once again
There's something in my own
I can not explain, is deadly
Is like a tearing of internal rage
Is a thorn inside my heart
It was you who lied
Depreciating my friendship
Turning heaven into hell
And now it all finished
Traitor dog, you are not worth
Seeding poison as you talk
You will explode and your entrails
For the vultures they will be
Just gotta do some promises
In T.V., and then win
We are lambs we believe in you
The masters of the war
Will worship you with no doubt
And every day you stretch a bit more
The last blood spot will fall
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