Lágrimas de dolor (english translation) Lyrics Saratoga


Saratoga - Lágrimas de dolor (english translation) Songtext


A Monday he went away, maybe for not coming back
But he left his heart to his more faithful love
He never rang back, in months he did not write
The woman understood, her soldier have fallen
And with cries she supplicated to her Lord
Do not take him, please
But her prayers were never replied
And then she did suicide
Tears of sorrow over a voiceless face
The battle put her heart out
That stupid cruel war that wrests your skin
Its poison attacked and knew how to win
Nobody received him the sad day he returned
He called to his wife, and the silence spoke
Dear, where are you? I won't go away anymore
Lying on an old armchair, he found her pale
And with cries he damned to his Lord
Why she and not me?
And kissing her hands he shouted her name
Before his last good bye
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