Doblas las campanas (english translation) Lyrics Saratoga


Saratoga - Doblas las campanas (english translation) Songtext


How is it possible to know
if you are behind A smile
or you are hiding again?
You see others' evil,
and you don't see your reality
You are the snake that kills for pleasure
You joke with the ashes of a finished time
Don't you try to teach me
I'm back from learning
While innocence is fed with ilusion
You'll be the inevitable idiot with nothing to offer
Don't you try your luck out It may end
You toll the bells to the wind again
You send me again to exile
But the wish does not quench my thirst
I've got the force and I shall win
You mix your delusions of grandeur on paper
Where there are not questions I cannot answer
You are a bloodsucker fed of moral
Be very careful, you can expire
More of the same thing, you say
Shut up, you mortal
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