Sakamoto Maaya

Park Amsterdam (the Whole Story) Lyrics Sakamoto Maaya


Sakamoto Maaya - Park Amsterdam (the Whole Story) Songtext

One day, sitting in a tree
I couldn't help but notice you there in the park
you weren't like all the others
you could fit me in your pocket
and just seemed so large

But then you really tried to talk to me
we chatted all about your mom and everything
and if somebody pointed out the fact you have no wings
wouldn't mean a thing

And like a dream we saw the world together
"goodbye" to differences
"hello" to each other
day and night
you and me
and paradise
met the queen of hearts
while out dancing on the lake
and she asked us to a party
"you can bring some friends
but don't be late"
climbed aboard a bus
and it drove us to the castle
but we didn't have to pay
cause the driver was the jester's brother
sadly sighed the king
cause somebody took his cake
so we gave him some of ours
and he smiled so wide
he ate his plate
he asked you to sing
and I won't forget the faces
or that awful melody
you and jester singing out of key
not a better time
could be had for all the moment
the king beamed, "allow me please"
"let my balloon take you across the ocean"

You and me across the ocean,
in his balloon, you and me and harmony

Didn't try to put me in a cage of your convenience
like some others have
instead you took me to your favorite garden in Manhattan
and we had a laugh

Along the way I fell in love with you
don't think that I could ever get enough of you
and if somebody pointed out the fact that you can't sing
wouldn't mean a thing
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