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Barking the Enemy Lyrics Sadie


Sadie - Barking the Enemy Songtext

Kick it out!
What do you want tell me. You get away from me. It makes me dizzy.
What do you want dare me. You don't have duisiness. It makes me wrong.
You backbiting turns into plesure. My sorrow turns into hatred.
System is cracking down. You changed me. I'm walking towards despair.
Somebody is looking for my weakness now.
Somebody is investigated my sense of fear.
Barking the enemy
Like a howling a dog, like a howling a pig.
It's strange things. A laughter doesn't stop.
Like a howling a dog, like a howling a pig.
Were you satisfied when you barked at me?
I don't hear a voice of enemy. Because I don't run or hide, take it.
Die the thing which disturbing me. Go to mad. I'll defeat you.
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