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Constellation Prize - Single Album

Constellation Prize Lyrics Robin Bengtsson


Robin Bengtsson - Constellation Prize Songtext

Listen, I should have told you long ago
that you glisten,
oh, more than he will ever know.
If he can't see what I have always seen
than something isn't right.

He hasn't seen at all
that you are beautiful.
I'm breaking down the wall.
You're a star.
But now I'm about to fall
because you are,
cause you are
beautiful, beautiful babe.

I'll take you higher
than a star could ever go.
Let's make fire,
oh, now your heart begins to glow.
Maybe I'm just dreaming
that you let me be your constellation prize.



Hey, your constellation prize.
Ah, yeah, constellation prize.

He hasn't seen at all.
You are beautiful.
Hey, heyheyhey.

Cause you are,cause you are
beautiful, beautiful, yeah.

Cause you are, you are,
cause you are beautiful beautiful.
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