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Robert Pattinson

Stray Dog Lyrics Robert Pattinson


Robert Pattinson - Stray Dog Songtext

Stray Dog

You're staring at the same old view
held on fast--it became old news, and I
I'll be gone 'fore long
Hallelujah for that

Now you know what you lost
Now you are the thieves that you pardon
Search for need that will never come
Hallelujah for that

There's more for their own now
Its time for me to forget
I don't need a reason to, so
So lang
Stray dog
You're only joker, no
Joker no more

oh, to each their own
But when you can call on my mind
Just crying to holde back tears sometimes
Before you forget what you came here for

You need to see the signs
And you need to stop wasting time
Story that you heard before
And I waited for you but you were long gone

Stray dog
You're only
Only Stray joker, no
Joker no more
Stray dog
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