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Robbie Williams - Rocks Songtext

Dealers keep dealin'
Thieves keep thievin'
Whores keep whorin'
Junkies keep scorin'
Trade is on the meat rack
Strip joints full of hunchbacks
Bitches keep bitchin'
Clap keeps itchin'


Ain't no use in prayin'
That's the way it's stayin', baby
Johnny ain't so crazy
He's always got a line for the ladies
(yeah, yeah, yeah)


Get your rocks off
Get your rocks off, honey
Shake it now now
Get'em off downtow
Get your rocks off
Get you rocks off, honey
Shake it now now
Get'em off downtown

Creeps keep crawlin'
Drunks keep fallin'
Teasers keep teasein'
Holy joes are preachin'
Cops keep bustin'
Hustlers keep hustlin'
Death keeps knockin'
Souls are up for auction

Repeat bridge and chorus ( 2x and fade to end )
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