Forgotten Land Lyrics Riverside


Riverside - Forgotten Land Songtext

Look at this field my son
Deserted, empty place
Where the dead silence feeds on lost whispers
There was a Kingdom here
A city full of life
Songs of its praise were being sung by the mountains
Oh, listen to them now

People felt strong and powerful
Proud of their wealth
All of them believed they were kings of the whole world
They started to take more
And crossed the borderlines
Called themselves gods above everything and everyone
Oh, listen to them now

Faster and faster
Higher and higher
Great temples of gold grew taller and glittered in the sun
Gods, too sure of themselves
Never lost their pride
Even when the altars and monuments started to collapse

Oh, how quickly they died
Oh, how quickly they turned into
The dust of the forgotten land

Listen intently
Souls are crying
This is the song of the forgotten land
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