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United by Fate Album

Undercovers on Lyrics Rival Schools


Rival Schools - Undercovers on Songtext

Crept on you slowly
But faster than you could see
It's not like I noticed
I wouldn't be the first one you let in
The same person that you know would forget to be honest
I might be the furthest from your mind
Whatever you told me somehow you sold me on
I want to believe it 'til I see later on
Apparition counterfeit
Can this racket go on another year
Overconfident, maybe
You're still here
Misplaced my fear
Whatever you told me, somehow you sold me on
I want to believe it 'til I see later on
You cross the other way
And hope I didn't see you
I start calling out your name
Cause I want to meet you again
Don't know why you say you're doing fine
That's not what it looks like
Something doesn't efel right
You're undercover's on
You're acting kind of warm
But soon you've got to leave
There's something you need
I'm not invited to go
Those people that you know
Well, they don't care about you
Could live easily without you
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