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Ringo Starr

Satisfied Lyrics Ringo Starr


Ringo Starr - Satisfied Songtext

Give me all the time you have
Won't be satisfied
I'm happy when you hold my hand
Still not satisfied

When you tell me is time to go
I'll ask you for a minute more

And if you never leave my side
I won't be satisfied

If I only have one day with you
Won't be satisfied
Even with a year or two
Still not satisfied

I'm not asking for to much
Lot of smile, a lot of touch

And if you never leave my side
I won't be satisfied
I'm not satisfied

I spend my lifetime looking for someone like you
And you lay next to me you made my dream come true

Here in the morning light
Yes, I'm satisfied
And If I never out of your sight
I am satisfied

I only want to hear your smile
I want forever not just a while

And if you never leave my side
I'll be satisfied

(Oh, satisfied) Yes, satisfied
(Oh, satisfied) Hum, satisfied
(Oh, satisfied) I'll be satisfied
(Oh, satisfied)

Ohhhh, oh yeah (4x)

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