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King of Broken Hearts Lyrics Ringo Starr


Ringo Starr - King of Broken Hearts Songtext

Can you guess what I'm thinking of
Where's someone that I can love
I just don't know where to start
I'm the king of broken hearts
I was waiting for the bells to ring
My love for her keeps lingering
Praying that she'd wear my ring
Waiting for the crowd to sing
I'm the king of broken hearts
I've lost before I ever start to love again
I'm the king of broken hearts
I'd give it all away to find a friend again
Where's the dream I had before
She just walked right out the door
I want her back and nothing more
Her note fell on the bedroom floor
(to Chorus)
A heart's no good when it's been broken
Words of love are often spoken
My tears fall like jewels from a crown
Look how fast the tide can turn
Some people live but never learn
I can make a brand new start
Living in a world of broken hearts
(to Chorus)
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