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Ringo Starr - I'm the Greatest Songtext

(Gave-Away Komposition von John Lennon für Ringos Album "Ringo", Apple, Dezember 1973)
When I was a little boy
Way back home in Liverpool
My mama told me
I was great
Then when I was a teenager
I knew that I had got
Something going
All my friends told me
I was great
And now I'm a man
A woman took me by the hand
And you know what she told me
I was great
I was in the greatest show on earth
For what it was worth
Now I'm only thirty-two
And all I wanna do
Is boogaloo, hey
I looked in the mirror
I saw my wife and kids
And you know what they told me
I was great
Yes my name is Billy Shears
You know it has been for so many years
Now I'm only thirty-two
And all I wanna do
Is boogaloo
I'm the greatest
And you better believe it baby
I'm the greatest
In this world
In the next world
And in any worlds
Alright, alright, alright
(Last line 3 times repeated)
Quelle: John Lennon Give Me Some Truth, Pendragon-Verlag Bielefeld, 1990, S. 213
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