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I Don't Believe You Lyrics Ringo Starr


Ringo Starr - I Don't Believe You Songtext

CHORUS: I don't believe you
'Cause I've been lied to
Girl you know you've done me wrong
I can see it in your face
I can't take much more of this
Gonna put you in your place
Tellin' lies won't get you far
I learned that in my youth
I'm givin' you just one more chance
And all I want from you is truth
CHORUS twice
Forget about your credit cards
And all your fancy clothes
Forget about those [sung -- my"] rings and things
and the powder for your nose
It wouldn't take that much from you
To keep me satisfied
But you won't see my face no more
If you don't stop telling lies
CHORUS twice
I love you girl
That much is true
The truth is staring back at you
But you always break my heart in two
Oh why? Oh why?
I know you think what's wrong is right
You seem so happy when we fight
So I won't be coming home tonight
No lie, no lie
I've said all that there is to say
You better make up your mind
If you look into these lonely eyes
The truth is what you'll find
It wouldn't take that much from you
To keep me satisfied
But the next time that you do me wrong
I'll be kissing you good bye
CHORUS twice
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