Undiscovered Soul Album

All That Really Matters Lyrics Richie Sambora


Richie Sambora - All That Really Matters Songtext

When I look at you you're beautiful
There comes a time in someone's life
When you find things that matter

And every time we touch
The love runs deep
We realize it's ours to keep
And that's all that really matters

You'll always be my sweet addiction
In this life my saving grace
You're all that really matters
You know it's true ain't no me without you

When you're in the dark baby don't despair
I'm just a spark away I will be there
And that's all that matters


We'll share our lives together
Yes our flame burns on forever
And at the final curtain call
We can say we did it all



And when we turn to dust and we fly away
There'll be a light still burning bright
And that's all that really matters
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