Über Keep the Fire Burning

Veröffentlicht im Jahr 1982

Albumname "Good Trouble"

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REO Motor Car Company

Automobilhersteller in den USA

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Good Trouble Album

Keep the Fire Burning Lyrics Reo Speedwagon

Reo Speedwagon - Keep the Fire Burning Songtext

Keep the fire burnin'
Let it keep us warm
The world will keep on turnin'
Let it turn you on
Let us not stop learnin'
We can help one another be strong
Let us never lose our yearnin'
To keep the fire burnin' all night long

You've been changing so much
I'm not sure your in touch with what's real
You just come and you go
Never letting me know how you feel
And I'm livin here in doubt
There's so much to talk about
I know that we can work it out


We've been through this enough
It gets rough but there's nowhere to run
This is where we belong
We are strong, we can never give up
If we wanted to we could
But we've always understood
To keep lookin' for the good
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