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Reel Big Fish - Sell out Songtext

Well, I know
you can't work in fast food all your life
But don't sign that paper tonight
She said, but it's too late

Yeah, I don't remember what I read,
I don't remember what they said

[ Bridge ]
I guess it doesn't matter,
I guess it doesn't matter anymore
You're gonna go to the record store
You're gonna give'em all your money
Radio plays what they want you to hear
They tell me it's cool
I just don't believe it

[ Chorus ]
Sell out, with me oh yeah
Sell out, with me tonight
The record company's gonna give me lots of money and everything's gonna be (alright)

No more flippin' burgers puttin' on my silly hat you know I don't want that no more,

And I didn't ask when we'd get paid,
Quit my day job anyway

[ Bridge ]

[ Chorus ]

And I don't think it'll be so bad
And I know it won't be so bad

'cause the man said
"that's the way it is"
and the man said
"it don't get better than this"
no no no

So I signed on to the record company
They say they're gonna give me lot's of money
If I play what they want you to hear
They tell me it's cool
And I sure believe it

[ Chorus ]
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