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Ban the Tube Top Lyrics Reel Big Fish

Album Cheer Up!

Reel Big Fish - Ban the Tube Top Songtext

You're seventeen, evil and mean
Comfy and cozy, nowhere seen
Can't deny, the loser inside
All of your bad taste won't subside

[ Chorus ]
You're outta sight
Keep me up at night
You just want it strapless and skin tight
You're outta sight
Keep me up at night
You make me crazy, wear it outta spite
Ban the tube top tonight

You're magical, mystery girl
Tick tock you don't stop rocking my world
You give high fives to all the guys
You let me know that I'm alive

[ Chorus ]

There's a party that we're not invited to
But I don't care, because I hate everyone in school
I ignore all the girls like you

Hey hey hey hey!

Beautiful girl, ugly shirt
You are a fashion red alert
But I can't resist, you've never been kissed
I've never been in love like this

[ Chorus ] x2

Ban the tube top...
Ban the tube top...
Ban the tube top tonight!
Tonight! Oh yeah! Whoo!
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