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Message from Our Sponsors Lyrics Rednex


Rednex - Message from Our Sponsors Songtext

Howdy folks
are you fed up with your CD collection?
unsatisfied with what you got
well here's your chance
Rednex's first album is still available in a record store near you...
Better than ever
Remember this one...
"If it hadn't been for Cotton Eye Joe,
I'd be married along time ago,
where did you come from? where did you go?
where did you come from Cotton Eye Joe"
well you WISH you had it didn't you?
"Wish you were here
Me, oh my countryman"
Totally loaded with hits
How about this...
"Old pop in an oak, pop in an oak
Once you could hear the sucker linger show
Thought I ever gonna see my old pop in an oak
Ever gonna see his old pipe in a smoke"
Now take your chance
and support your local Redneck
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