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Falling out of Love Lyrics Reba McEntire


Reba McEntire - Falling out of Love Songtext

He Says He Loves Her, What Can You Say To That
Oh He's Made Up His Mind And There Ain't Nothing
You Can Do
So You Swallow Hard, Maybe You Drive All Night
Tryin' To Figure Out Where The Whole Thing Started Going Wrong
And In The Silence Something Begins To Unravel
You Never Knew Him Like You'll Be Knowing Him Now

(chorus) Oh Fallin' Out Of Love And Back Into Your Life
Pullin' Your Heart Out From Under The Knife
Closin' The Door On All The Dreams
You Used To Know
Fallin' Out Of Love And Back On Your Feet
Turnin' Away From That Dead-end Street
Oh And Finding Out That Nothing Feels As Good As Letting Go

That's When He Calls You Up Out Of The Blue One Day
And You Know He Thinks He's Talking To The Girl
That You Used To Be
That's When You Tell Him, He's Just A Memory
Ain't It Funny When His Voice Cracks When You're Sayin' Good-bye
And In The Silence Something Begins To Unravel
He Never Knew You Lik Ehe'll Be Knowing You Now

(chorus & Tag)
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