Take 'em Where You Can Get 'em Lyrics Randy


Randy - Take 'em Where You Can Get 'em Songtext

Many hours of practising and many spent to think. I havent read so many books but ive seen alot on film. Ive got both eyes focused on whatevers hard to bare. I try to be informed not single tracked, but aware. It may take a few more years before I know im right but when I do I will use words not fists if I get into a fight. I won't spare you any details in my wiev of whats right and aint. I wont spread out any prejudice, cause its something that I hate. Lies, betray and slander is a common thing these days. you cant seem to trust anyone in this modern age. Fight, the word aint sound the same when it compreseing two humans that are comparing skill and strenght. Fight, the energy it brings should be used against the things I hate, by pulling all it strings.
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