War of Worlds Lyrics Rage


Rage - War of Worlds Songtext

Hijackers, Kidnappers, have a look around.
Assasins with blessings from their gods.
No Mercy, they try to set this world on fire.
They think that the have a right to kill.

Take good care to be out of here
from the nuclear fire!
Separation and growing fear,
we forgot we're one, never spoke in one voice,
now we're here

It's the war of worlds
and we're all concerned, right now
everyone has to learn.
It's the war of worlds
and our future burns right now.
(It's the war of worlds)

This is the war of the worlds right now!

The swallow and follow just the path of greed.
Blood dripping, heart ripping, take it all.
Confusion, conclusions not in sight, so scary.
Not willing to share what all is there.

Take good care...

It's the war of worlds...

Burn in Hell!!!
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