Green Grass Lyrics Q-Unique


Q-Unique - Green Grass Songtext

Now normally I don't put myself on front street
_________________ make the blunt sweet
I get the best New York city bomb shit
________________ from a bong hit
Nah dog down the block they be selling dirt
One hit off this shit and ya (?)cerebellum work(?)
Ya gotta keep yourself under observation
Having a two day analytical conversation
A laugh attack with nothing to laugh at
Car full of spics smoke outta the hatchback
Get me a (?)fill of your(?) candy
Then get bent watching the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
Hate running outta weed when I need some
Got me digging through the house for weed crumbs
I hope that's it that might be it hold it
Roll that shit light that shit smoke it
When I was a little lad I had a little drag
Of grass mixed with killer hash, Dad never hid his stash
I'd separate the seeds from the skunk
Pops was so high he'd lock the keys in the trunk
Late on a school day
Leave for a weed run
Seeing the reruns, feening he needs some
Candles and statues and doing voodoo
Then you get the munchies for some oodles of noodles
Then he get paranoid and start a home search,
"We have a prowler. Anthony, you go first,
Ssh you hear that? The sound from last night?"
I'm scared in the hall with a knife and a flashlight
That's me at age 11
Catch a contact in Tremonte with Jay and Kevin
________________ rolled the weed and blazed with brethren
Fingertips is yellow from the haze's resin
Light up the broccoli
Roll up the ______
The highest ______ smoking some reefer
Puffin the _____ till the blunt's gone
Ain't nothing like the green from a Mexican from lawn
You got the _______
You got that catnip
(?)In 86 states they say(?) roll up a fat spliff
From chronic to ganja to sour diesel
I'm high on strawberry fields as if I was a Beatle
______ Amsterdam twisting up lemon haze
Started a torch been about 11 days
(Where was I?)
Oh Amsterdam lemon haze never had a better blaze than rolling up with _____
Or when I met that chick on 1st and Grand
We got high and kissed till our spit turned to sand
_______________ he was broke and going bottom
Went outta business quick cos he smoked up all the product
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