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Decayed Thoughts Lyrics Q Strange


Q Strange - Decayed Thoughts Songtext

Decayed Thoughts

Some of you people listen to this music like this shit is funny
Man this shit aint funny
I have a problem
And I need help
I mean goddamn look at me
Just look at me

I'm sitting by a dumpster on a dark and rainy night
I'm killing in a alie aint a soul in site
Theres rain pouring down on my blood stained clothes
I'm trembling and shaking cause I just don't know
What's going on with the feeling right inside me
Body parts are rotting in the dumpster right beside me
I don't know who I killed or even why I did it
The last thing I remember I was sitting in my kitchen
Now more covered in blood and I'm fucking soaking wet
I got a human heart on a chain around my neck
My mind is rotting and my thoughts are decayed
A sick imagination in a blood stained brain
So I stand up rain beats off my face
I'm walking through the darkness with a hatchet on my waist
I take off my mask and I put it into place
There aint no time to waist its blood I wanna taste
I walk into a diner that's open late one night
There aint nobody in there but the cook and his wife
They take one look and they scared as hell
I jump over the counter and they start to yell
I tell the bitch to shut her mouth
And stay the fuck still
Grab the cook by his neck
Plant his face in the grill
As his face sizzles I can smell flesh burnin
Put the hatchet to his neck good guts start squirtin
His body hits the floor but his heads still fryin
His wife lays on the headless body and shes cryin
grabbed her by the hair spit down her throat
she grasps for air till the bitch starts to choke
I leave her to die well I grab the cooks head
I slice off the cheek and I put in some bread
I cut off the fingers put em in the deep fryer
Eat em at the counter then I light the place on fire
I leave the burning building
Observe the burning victims
If anyone steps into my path I'm gonna kill em
Got a pocket full of bibles in my trench coat
A bunch of body parts noses and throats
Hacked up fragments of brain stuck in my hair
A manias jar filled with bit off ears
Just look at me
I'm rotting away


My mind is rotting and my thoughts are decayed
A sick imagination in a blood stained brain

I go down in cellar and I look under the stairs
Cause all my resent victims are pilled under there
Grab a mutilated corpse out of the blood stack
I take it to my work bench then begin to hack
I attack with my axe
The body parts are flyin
Put the organs in a sac
Now its time to fry em
shove the guts in the furriness
now I'm burin em up
I throw in the hair it smells putrid as fuck
I burn it all to ashes and I open the door
Take a shovel and I scatter it all over the floor
Take the cremated remains and put it in a dime
Mix some with marijuana but the rest is mine
The shit that I mix I sell to local kids
Cause they all think my weed is the real bomb shit
But I don't puff herbs it does nothin for me
I want something lethal flowing through my respiratory
In a joint in a blunt in a pipe or a bowl
Fuck smokin weed man I inhale souls


angels and demons play tug of war with my soul
iv lost control
eternal bliss is my goal
I fold under pressure cause this life that I treasure
Is in a parallel dimension that's beyond human measure
Purgatory unsure where else in eternity
Embracing my life but still flames are burning me
I'm turning the page to the next chapter of life
Cause after your life on earth aint even half of your life
Like passin the mic in infinite eternal cipher
Each emcee representing a new life
I battle with hatred jealousy guilt and anger
I want to make to higher ground but I'm in danger
Of negativity consuming my whole being
Corroding my soul with all the misery I'm seeing
I'm fleeing this rotting human shell forever
Demons are chewing on my mind trying to sever
My rationality and I'm torched with reality
Until I'm battling multiple personalities

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