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Now ever since it was never did but this microphone
He been my ace boon coon (I might be wrong)
I felt myself parting with who I started with
Fuck the skills, this is all from the heart and shit
This life I live, fighting and shooting
It's polluting my mind, but I turned out fine
We used to strangle and smash, mangle and blast
Although we was opposites we was Tango & Cash
But it ain't gonna last
Whatevs homes, It ain't your skin tone, it's in your spirit, hear it
First, I'm your boy since way back
We all fought the wheel of fortune, but don't say jack
When you turned your back on your crew
Who was down with you?
Looking??? with woody????? to your hoodie
I'm from the Mob but not the Goodie
The name is Dirty Dozen, never meant to see your footie
So don't step and wear it out
I'm calling you, was sold in the?????
So comprehend, the message I send
F-R-I to the friend, a friend to the end let's begin

Where did we go wrong
We were so strong
Unified, but now we no long
This is yo' song
Now ask yourself where did we go wrong
I wanna know where did we go wrong

It was simple mathematics, you needed money, not loyalty
We got allegiant but you sparked trees and??? the royalty
We was Batman and Robin, you was more like Robin and Batman
So affirmative action was needed, that's why I deleted
And proceeded to heat it
To other peoples minds through your ears
So clear, you was closer than my old lady
Remember that; you industry rule four thousand and eighty
Can't trust you but got no love so??? that??????? don't give me no feedback
His wildest actions made my whole brain pause
You was sell-out, cause you sold out my whole cause
Ain't got a beef with you but I hope to sleep with you
Don't sell yourself to be your inspirer
Peace to the admirer (?), that said life ain't to be fair
And your true friends, in the end will be there
(Was that you?)


5 Ela for life, inked in my flesh
Life was so fast, you could damn near blink to death
Let me think the rest? Jay Dee/Shady,? good luck and shit
Try your best to not go out and get fucked and shit
Yo, we been real since day one, no feelings to hide
Although that player shit had me angered inside
Ride with my goons???, never changed up
Got out of hand, death wish will make your brain bust
We on the same stuff????????
Keep it real with the faith don't doubt my guy
And to undertake a death for life again, you won't like it when I strike again
So say my name upon your mic again
And Fuzz, you just ain't got the look to last
If i'm a bitch nigga, then your bitch nigga that whooped your ass
You just another leech, hanging by my testicle
Peace to???????, I'm a spectacle
Best to flow,???? not a???????
Yo ass is grass niggas, and I'm the lawnmower
Flamethrower, make it hot this year
Ain't none of y'all player hater niggas flex this year

And to????, and sobered and shit
Never sacrifice a true dog over a bitch
Over a bitch
Never sacrifice a true dog over a bitch


Ay yo, this is dedicated. to those.
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