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Hell on High Heels Lyrics Pretty Maids


Pretty Maids - Hell on High Heels Songtext

I met this girl
She stole my heart
She rocked my world
Right from the start
One single look
An instant attraction
And I was hooked for more

But I know
You're fooling around girl
And I know she's pulling tricks on me
But she glows, there's sometihng about her
And i'm lost in her mystery

But she's hell on high heels
Once you're stuck inside her web
She leaves you in a trail of passion
She's a drug you just can't quit
And your mind is in a haze

One little touch
One little kiss
A little lust
I can't resist
You know I'm trapped
And once I'm invited
No turning back oh no

Maybe she's just a one-night sensation
Maybe I'm just a toy for amusement
But it seems like an infatuation
She's a match to my fuse


She'll eat my heart out
My mean lean queen
Love machine
Heartbreaking soul shaking girl

Uh, she plays a dirty game
I might be lucky and roll a six on the dice
I need her love tonight
Need her love

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