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Die with Your Dreams Lyrics Pretty Maids

Album Spooked

Pretty Maids - Die with Your Dreams Songtext

Once a child of illusions
Once a king but you've lost your crown
When the walls came tumbling down
Now you awlk in the shadows
Down the boulevard of broken dreams
Loosing track floating with the stream

I know the feeling
Like a stranger in a strange land

Cause you can't see there's love
Can't feel it enough
Your heart is your prison
When there's no light to be seen
When you die with your dreams
And loose your religion

You've been looking for an answer
You've been searching for the key to life
You've been crying in the dead of night
See you drown in the darkness
In the world so freezing cold
It's like a nail hammered through your soul

Sometimes it seems
That you've been born under a bad sign


Down in the dust
Where there's no one to trust
When there's nothing to hold on to
Stare yourself blind
In the mirrors of time
For the great divine

You can't choose can't break the chains
There's nothing to loose
And nothing to gain
It's your life your fate has been sealed
Your alone with your lack of believe

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