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I Tattoo You Lyrics Preluders


Preluders - I Tattoo You Songtext

I tattoo you

I can't stop thinking 'bout you baby-babe
Sometimes I think I'm really goin' crazy
'Cause whenever I see you it's amazing
My heart starts beatin' racin'

What can I say to you?
Do you feel the same way too?
I'd do anything for you
To make you see that my love is so true
So true...

I tattoo you,tattoo you
In my heart and my mind and my soul now
I tattoo you,tattoo you
'Cause nothing can compare to you
I tattoo,tattoo you
Just to prove that I'll always love you
I tattoo,tattoo you
'Cause nothing can compare to you

You're the kind of man I always dream about
It makes me wanna scream and shout out really loud
When you talk I hang on every word you say
When you move you're like the breeze on a summer day

You're irresistible,and just so incredible
You're irreplaceable,I'll make you see that my love is so true


I can't go on
Without you by my side
I'm not that strong
I need you in my life
Don't leave me in the cold,I can't take it anymore,anymore

Chorus 2x
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